Integrative Pediatrics

The integrative medical approach helps the whole person, not just one aspect or part. This means that the physician recognizes a patient's mind, body, and soul overlap and affect each other; therefore, they must all be treated and dealt with together, not in isolation. Through this holistic approach, the patient, doctor and family can work as a cohesive unit, both preventing and treating issues as they arise. In order to do this, the doctor looks at the whole patient, and even beyond at his/her family and environment. When applied to pediatrics, this can help set up a child for a lifetime of healthy living.

Enviroment You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective.  W. Clement

All parents try to protect their child from the bad things around them. Caring for and protecting a child begins in pregnancy. Because of this, integrative pediatrics works with the pregnant mothers. Expecting mothers are full of worries and we are here to help them find answers to their questions and fears.

We understand that you are concerned about vitamin supplements, allergens, UV rays, air and noise pollution, vaccines, and infections. We can help you to find the answers based on proven science.

As your child grows, we can further assist by helping you create a stimulating, socially engaging and dynamic environment to help foster your child's development into a healthy, happy, whole person.