If I could give this doctor 10 stars I would!

“If I could give this doctor 10 stars I would! Firstly she was the ONLY doctor ever to actually not only heard of mine and our potential child’s blood disorder but had worked with some of the top doctors in the country at Stanford with it. So when my son was born and had to stay at Good Sam over 30 days - she was there every day and sometimes twice a day fighting for us to get the help we needed. She goes above and beyond but is also a practical, caring and wonderful doctor with a sense of humor. Also she respects the parents input and I had to give her a lot of credit for following our lead and then advising when she felt we needed more help or a specialist as it was above her expertise.

We adore her and have at least now three friends with their kids seeing her. She's quick to respond - her staff are professional and quick.

Also she has a wonderful train in the office so my eldest son calls her Dr Train and has no tears after shots because he wants to see the train! We were referred to Dr Yam and I couldn't be more happier. She is one in a million and my kids will be seeing her until they have to see the adult docs!

Her office is also very good at sending paperwork, dealing with insurance and making last minute appointments when the kids are sick. She also has called into labs, hospitals to get appointments so you don't have to wait all day with a sick kid. Also she not only takes most insurance - she has a plan for parents without insurance too so they can make sure their kids get seen on a more economic plan thats over a year.

Can't say enough about how much we love her. Guess I have with this long prose piece. ;-)”

Sinead B. – from Yelp
She is a fantastic pediatrician!

“My sister and I grew up going to Dr. Yam's other office in Los Gatos. She is a fantastic pediatrician and I was sad when after college I had to find another doctor. She is extremely friendly, intelligent and comfortable to talk to”.

Emilia V. - from Yelp
Our family is so incredibly lucky to have Dr. Yam as our pediatrician!

“She is not only a bright and experienced doctor, she has sincere compassion and love for our children and we can't ask for anything more. Anytime we have an issue or concern, we get immediate feedback or an office visit. Her staff is also just as competent and attentive to our needs as Dr. Yam. We've referred many of our friends to Dr. Yam and they too are as happy as we have been. We not only see Dr. Yam as our family physician, we see her as a member of our family. We love Dr. Yam!!”

Xochitl F
Dr. Marina Yam is a wonderful doctor!

“I am very happy that my friends recommended her to us.

The warm atmosphere in her office is extremely helpful and my girls are always happy to visit their favorite doctor . Dr.Yam always finds time to answer all my questions . I really like her accent on preventive care and that she's open minded to support conventional treatments with holistic approach.

Dr. Yam does not subscribe antibiotics to any health problem, which is important to me. Once she solved my older daughter's sleep problem by deep analysis of the situation. This interest to child's personality , health history and family style is really unique and modern. Highly recommended!”

Larisa V.

“With my 4 kids family choosing a right pediatrician is one of the most important decisions. We found Dr. Yam after being at 2 other doctors in the Bay Area and since then for the last 3 years we are in the best pediatrician hands in my opinion. The level of understanding of the kids health, combined with her deep analysis of their personalities and their interaction, and a Dr. Yam's deep medical knowledge, gives me a lot of confidence and most important - comfort - in trusting my kids health to her. More and more of our friends start going to her too following our warm advice.”

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By far the Best Pediatric Doctor in this area!

“Dr. Yam is as close to a "good old days" Doctor as you can get. In the "good old days" doctors, especially pediatric and family doctors, used to listen and build a relationship with their patients. Dr. "Marina" is actually *patient* with the patients, whatever their age.

We have been going to Dr. Yam's offices for over ten years with all of our three children and not even one single time did we feel rushed or in any way displeased with the Dr. or with her excellent staff. We get appointments very fast even for the same day and even if she has to fit us at the end of her work day!

This Dr. comes with our highest recommendations. By far the best pediatric Doctor in this area!”

Gary M.
Dr Marina Yam is probably the best pediatrician my big family ever had.

“When we immigrated to US we went to some other doctor and were terrified by terrible attitude she had towards us and our kids. Luckily, one of my friends recommended his pediatrician, which was Dr. Yam.

From the first moment she earned our loyalty: with her patience, professionalism, personal touch and ability to calm you down. As an engineer I know that sometimes I'm getting quite annoying when in everything I try to find a root cause. But not with Dr. Yam.

Unlike many other doctors, she was looking not at the symptoms but always tried to analyze the real cause of the issue. She looked not only at visible symptoms but dag into psychological aspects of our kids and many times her advices were not recipes, but advices to change some elements of our kids environment or nutrition.

Bottom line, me and my wife started to trust her from the first visit. And with a big family like ours such a trust worth a lot. Since we became her patients more than 3 years ago, I recommended her to many of my friends, and all of them are happy. When it comes to your child's treatment or health advice, make no compromise”.

Igor C.
My kids are just in love with her!

“This wonderful doctor is our pediatrician for more than three years. Having 4 children I was looking for the best doctor in area, whom I can always rely on. Dr. Yam is exactly this perfect doctor. She always gives very accurate and detailed answers to all my questions, all her diagnoses are very accurate. Dr Yam's high professionalism helps us to overcome complex problems and recharge our optimism and she spends with me as much time as I need during the visits, which gives me a feeling of being her most important patient.

My kids are just in love with her, and I'm happy that I do not need to convince them to go to a doctor. I'm so happy with her treatment”

Irena C.

“Dr. Marina Yam is an outstanding pediatrician, whom I trust 100%. I always try to find the best doctors for my kids. So, I am happy that we was lucky to meet Dr. Yam four years ago! Her professional opinion means everything to me, and her pleasant personality makes visits especially nice. Simply THE BEST!”

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